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Andrew Katz
12 July 1956
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This is a good place to show my penpal ad from www.penpalsnow.com:

I am looking for serious email penpals who write long emails. I am a young at heart 50 year old man living in northern New Jersey.

The three reasons why I love to have penpals are (1) I have a need for self discovery. I write about myself and expect my penpals to ask me questions so that I can elaborate. I am very open about myself and no question is considered off limits. (2) I have a need to love people. I tend to become emotionally attached to my penpals after a while. But I do not put demands on people. I just allow it to happen naturally. (3) I have a need to live interesting lives. My life is rather dull right now. Therefore, people who can write me stories from their life, past or current, are highly regarded.

I am very intelligent, organized, and articulate. Nevertheless, I can also be quite nosy and blunt towards others. I do not care about physical beauty in others or myself. I look for spiritual beauty in people. I am a seeker of truth and have formed my own unique set of beliefs. I strive to understand the nature of God and creation, but I adhere to no single religion.